January 2018 CeNDR Updates


January 2018 CeNDR Updates

Version 1.2.0 brings many updates to the site.

New Pages

  • A statistics page has been added that details strains/isotypes collected over time, visitors over time, and

Site Infrastructure

  • Added login system
  • Moved codebase to Python 3.
  • Improved robustness of forms using python module WTForms.
  • Switched database to a single SQLite flatfile + Google Datastore
  • Moved BAMs to AWS.

Mapping Pipeline

  • Moved mapping infrastructure to AWS Fargate
  • Added new description field
  • The embargo option has been dropped for publishing reports
  • Added tooltips to report allele distribution maps.
  • Mapping reports have been removed from gene pages. The new database infrastructure makes it difficult to incorporate these.


  • Add allele frequency (AF) as column on variant output.
  • Added BAMs for strains
  • Reorganized variant data table output. Variants that affect multiple transcripts are now grouped together.

Public Mappings

  • The waffle chart has been removed.


  • CRAMS files and downloads have been removed.