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  • Release: 20170531
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Histogram representation of your phenotype

Unfortunately your phenotype was not significantly associated with genetic variation present in the C. elegans population. This could be due to noisy trait data - have you performed heritability analysis for your phenotype using our heritability strain panel? If you have and the heritability was found to be high for this trait, the trait might not have reached statistical significance because it is highly complex and more strains need to be phenotyped.

If you have phenotyped the entire 152 wild-isolate collection, you can patiently wait for more isolates to be added to the collection, or generate an F2 recombinant inbred line (RIL) panel generated between strains with high and low phenotypes.

Manhattan Plot

Manhattan Plot

A genome-wide representation of the association between variation in the C. elegans population and your phenotype. The x-axis corresponds to genomic position with chromosome number indicated as a roman numeral above each box. Dots represent single-nucleotide variants (SNV) present in the C. elegans population. The y-axis corresponds to the level of significance for the association test. The red line corresponds to the Bonferroni-corrected significance threshold, which is defined as .